• Role

    Director (also a bit of storyboarding and design)
  • Genre

    action, adventure, comedy, Fantasy
  • Format

    animated series, 39 x 26'
  • Year

  • Producers

    Zagtoon - Method Animation SAMG - MNC - Sk Broadband - De Agostini Editore S.p.A.
  • Literary bible

    Man Of Action & Sébastien Thibaudeau
  • Graphic bible

    Nathanaël Bronn
  • Head of Writing

    Matthieu Choquet, Romain Van Liemt & Cyril Tysz
  • Main broadcasters

    Netflix, Gulli, Super RTL, Pop, DeAkids, Canal J, Clan Tve, ...
  • Toy Master

    Bandai US

ZAK STORM Super Pirate

Around 2014, I was appointed by OnEntertainment and Zagtoon to be the director of an action-packed animated TV series written by Man of Action (Ben10). At that time, the project was code named 7C's... The coming of age / epic tale of Zak, a teenage surfer lost in the 7 seas of the Bermuda Triangle, and his quest to defeat the evil Lord of the Pirates in order to return home.
Late december 2016, after years of hardwork, the series was finally ready for premiere. In many ways, Zak's journey through the Seven Seas was an echo of our own quest to complete this series. We had to face a lot of challenges and hurdles, we also met a lot of great people along the way and finally gained a lot of experience by the end of the journey. You can watch the intro sequence and some excerpts of the episodes in the edit below:

some stills from the episodes :

Zak surrounded by biomechanical creatures
ZakStorm Golden Bones

Golden Bones and a skeleton

the Chaos vs the Demoniak
Cece and Crogar
Zak Strm - Sassafras
Zak Storm - Marituga
lava hound


Zak and his teammates are exploring new lands in each episode, and usually meet new faces (sometimes weird and dangerous creatures too). It was a real challenge to design so many assets and craft believable environments filled with details and diversity, while maintaining an overall cohesive universe.
Here's a glimse at the designs created by the awesome artists at Method Films/On Entertainment.
Art by :
José JSM Martins, Alex Accorsi, Nico Alberti, Carine Becker, Sylvie Gargoulaud, Alex Grynagier, Bruno Lamat, Alexis Prasit, Kamel Tazit, Gregoire Villermaux, Nicolas Vuljaj, Amandine Canville, with some of my scribbles mixed in. 3D proxies by Wolfgang Buttner, Aurélien Cottier, Jesse Henao Monroy, Pierrick Letexier.

this page is still under construction. more elements will be added in the future.


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